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21 May 2005

Ethnic Piano : Music of Antoni O'Breski

Came across an amazing man today.

Got given a music-cd and exchanged on of my photo's in return.

only later did i realise i had been standing next to a genius.

here's a link to his work and official site (some say his work was the inspiration to the concept of "Riverdance"
Antoni Breschi

ethnic instruments such as:
uilleann pipes, whistle, fiddle, accordion, voices from the Basque country, flamenco guitars, Arabian violin, African voices, zarb from Persia, charango from Cile, Indian tabla and tampora, Australian didgerydoo, jazz brass, classic strings, flamenco palmas and zapateados, kakon peruviano, celtic harp, classical harp, bodhran, drum, tarabuka, sax, trompet, double bass, electric bass, dulcimer, spoons, and much more...

It's all there


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