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12 May 2005

About a new game

This is going to be a blog about a new alternative chessgame that's played with colour

Excpect loads of pictures in the future

Big carpet i made as an artproject (several other ones available) displayed at the festival of worldcultures
(-Dun Loughaire- Ireland - 2004)
They have been made with "New Zealand Pure Virgin Wool" and involved a whole hamlet (village) near the old city of Benares (Varanasi) (India )and a plethora of other people( muslims, hindus and christians) .Considerable time and energy has been spend to realise this venture.

play a chess game in colour here

over the years i have been going to india in search of artists and craftpeople.
loads of projects became dead ends, however some projects became very fruitfull and are still ongoing. Sourcing materials could involve several days of busses,trains,jeeps,rickshaws or just plain walking.

it also involved dealing with a total new set of rules regarding how things are done,
(practical matters, business, there's a festival a day in india, marriages, etc...)
unexpected situations are very common if not the thumb of rule, which.. of course... makes everything that little bit more exciting

to be short, i fell in love with the place and the people.


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