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18 May 2005

Chess Game in Colour

I am Painter-photographer) and have been working for some years on a new type of Game (Innovative Co-Operative Approaches)

The Game is based on Chess (in Colour)

This Game i'm proposing in colour has a totaly different approach
(instead of players attacking each other,they need to co-operate to finish a game as quickly as possible)

the game can also be played on different levels and setups

i managed of get a general idea via this link


am in the process of programming this game ( best score,move count,
timer,etc..) and hope to have that ready in a few weeks time

am also hoping of playing those games in some form of tournament in the near future

the idea is also to make the games with
different set-ups (colours or forms)and levels (-easy, intermediate and difficult)
there's a multitude of ways the players and the board could look,making it easier or more difficult to find the opposite player.

feedback greatly appreciated

Dominique Beyens


some more information-----

the basic difference between this game and normal chess is
that the nature of the game is not one of attacking but of helping eachother
(i'm at present working (writing) on some form of play (story) where "war is over" and the two

clans are invited to a wedding (hence they need to get there as soon as possible)
my initial idea was (still is)to play the game with coloured lights (additive colour)when for

(in the theatre)you shine red+blue+green toghether on the stage it will make white. having 2 opposites would make a white light(RIGHT MOVE))
while for example green and red create just another colour (-yellow) so (WRONG MOVE)

the players need to find their opposite colour ( that could be made easy or difficult)+ you can change the whole setup

over the years i have been applying different forms how this game could be played
(example--- the game with the carpets, i made with the help of a whole village in India and works on the same principle- finding their opposite player) same as the other game with the coloured squares .
i also used numbers to make it a bit easier to understand (opposite players need to make nr "7")

the moves used are exactly the same as in chess (horse,bishop,etc...)

i'm updating my site and weblog as i go along.


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