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18 December 2005

Forum : Chess in Color

* It's basic structure at the moment , but it allows me working at different aspects of the game.

4 subsections at the moment

General Updates, rules, varia, etc...

Testing and development Technical, Java , Downloadable version, etc...

Solo, Multiplayer Games, Tournaments Best scores,Various ways of playing, communication, etc...

Art and Design Art Projects ,Artists, social entrepreneurs, community, etc...

This could be a great way to introduce the various aspects the game offers

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13 December 2005

New :Forum : Color Chess

There's a forum i just put up on the website.
I hope it might be helpfull to look at different angles of the game.
Feel free to join in the discussion .
Here's the Link to the Forum

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02 December 2005

Chess Interface 1

We're working on the next version whereby people will have the possibility to choose their board and players, connect and play the games with other people and play them by email.
This is a sketch for the intro page i'm starting of with. It is definitely not meant to be the final product.
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