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10 November 2005

Alternative Chess : Co-Operative Games

Alternative chess game (played in colour) that uses the same moves as traditional chess but changed from a competitive to a co-operative game.
It encourages team work and creative thinking.
Recently i managed to make those boardgames into a computer game
playable online.
The first version can be seen at
Chess Game in Colour

Some interesting aspects about the game

- Could be used to teach children the basics of chess in a fun way.
- Games are played with a co-operative mindset while tournaments can
give them a competetive capacity.
- Can be played online globally in a manner similar to correspondence chess
- While beginners can play an easy introductory game, mental wizards
can make combinations and study end games.

Art projects

Apart from the computer game they are being further developed and can
be played on a variety of boards. Pieces can be made in a cornucopia
of different materials . (wood, glass, fabrics, beads, etc...)
They could even be made in the form of paintings and consequently be
used as art projects.
Art Projects
It is our intention of getting community groups, social entrepreneurs,
artists involved trough art and craft projects.

This is an ongoing and developing project, any enquiries regarding
this project are welcome.

More at the Apple Gallery


Blogger Naturelich said...

Hi Dominique. I just tried your online version of cooperative chess. It's real fun and feels quite different to regular chess. I have written a short article on my blog:

Thanks for putting this up!

November 15, 2005 11:06 p.m.  

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